Hardwood floors are a valuable and attractive feature in any home—the last thing you’d want to do is damage them with a sub par vacuum cleaner.

Moreover, many standard vacuum models deliver low grade results on hardwood and other hard surfaces, even if they feature an adjustable floor head or on/off switch for the brush roll . Some of these lackluster models are even advertised as “hard floor vacuums” —despite their poor performance in the real world.

So how can you make sure you’re buying the right vacuum while shopping online?

We created this site to make picking the best vacuum for your hardwood floors a little bit easier. By placing a special focus on this often neglected aspect of vacuum cleaners, we’re hoping to help you explore some of the best models on the market right now and pick the one that best suits your needs, home, and lifestyle.

On this site, you’ll find in-depth articles comparing and contrasting some of the best-selling and highest rated hardwood vacuums on Amazon. These vacuums go head to head as we examine the strengths and weakness of each one.

Each article takes a look at some common features customers look for. For example, buyers on a budget can check out our favorite models for under $100, while multiple story homeowners should check out our favorite vacuums for cleaning the stairs.

How We Pick Our Favorites

Our reviews are independent, so we like to take a hard look at some of the more popular vacuums right now. We go beyond the marketing of vacuum companies to examine how each model performs in the real world, where it counts.

We comb through user ratings, consumer tests and expert reviews to look at the pros and cons of each vacuum we review. It’s not just hardwood floor performance we’re looking for—we also look for aspect crucial to any good vacuum, like maneuverability, weight, ease of use, and (of course) how much each model costs.

After selecting our favorites from the wide array of available vacuums on the market, we arrange each model according to the area we think they’re best suited for. For example, we would pick from among our favorite lightweight and maneuverable vacuums for our “Best Vacuums for Stairs article”, and pick the models best suited for pet owners for our Best Vacuums for Pet Hair article.

To make the choice even easier for you, we arrange the vacuums within the article based on the shoppers they’re best suited for. If you’re shopping on a budget, you should take a look at our “best on a budget” option. If you’re looking for a vacuum that work well on the stairs and the floor, you should check out our “best canister pick”.

Our site is updated often with new models, articles and categories to choose from, so make sure to check back from time to time. We hope our passion for great hardwood vacuums helps illuminate some of the best picks out there for you.

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